Cappuccino Ice Cream
Sesame-Dijon Crackers and Dip Crispy Southern Chicken Two-Minute Tuna Salad Sandwich Wrap
Crepes with Brie Cheese and Caramalized Apple

I have been using both Grain Free Gourmet cookbooks with great success. The recipes are so easy to follow (I hate to admit it but the kitchen was alien to me before I started the SCD diet) I now spend any free time I have cooking/baking. My husband also loves all the meals. Whenever I go for coffee with my friends and family I have to take extra cakes and biscuits for everyone to try. The impossible has now become a way of life.
– Jacqui (Spain)

I purchased your recent cook book, Every day Grain Free Gourmet and it’s fabulous!
– Gina

I've loved your original book and just ate WAFFLES!!! from the Every Day book. My staple "breads" are the egg bread (I call it "My Wonder Bread") and now the crepes. And I make the Decadent Onion buns with shallots.They are a favorite with my friends who can eat anything. They call them "Savories." Oh! and I just made the Chicken Pot Pie! OMG! Unbelievably delicious! I adore you.
– Valerie

I have purchased both cookbooks and am thoroughly enjoying them. Thank you so much.
– Rhonda

One of the hallmarks of the healthy low-carb lifestyle is avoiding not just refined carbohydrates like sugars, but also choosing to avoid those so-called healthy whole grains as well. For some people who have celiac disease, they don't have the luxury of choosing whether they eat grains or not--they cannot or they might die. Consuming gluten-free foods is invaluable for the health of people with Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and celiac disease. This recipe book is not explicitly low-carb in nature, although there are many recipes included that are entirely appropriate for livin' la vida low-carb. The main thing you'll get is an education about why it is important to eat specific kinds of carbs, an explanation about why eating fat is good for you, and stocking your cabinets with the key ingredients necessary to make these delicious recipes. Bon appetit!
– Livin La Vida Low-Carb Man Jimmy Moore (posted on

This book is one of the better cookbooks I've had the pleasure of using. I am on the SCD diet for Ulcerative Colitis and the recipes included are of the kind that you truly will use every day. Multiple uses and variations are detailed. For instance the recipe for crepes is not only indicated for breakfast or fancy desserts, but is used for sandwich wraps as well. The Muffin Mix Muffins are better than you could make 'out of the box'. My wife made pancakes for me to have at a Father's Day breakfast and gave samples to the other men. They raved about how good they were! I highly recommend this book to anyone on the SCD diet, and even to those who are NOT on the diet. Healthy and delicious, too. Who could ask for more?
– R. Mann (posted on

This book opens another chapter what you CAN eat. It's very creative and fits the bill for gourmet. Great for anyone wanting some no grain/no sugar/no lactose/no bakers yeast alternatives. It had alot of recipes that I have not seen in the other Specific Carb Cookbooks. I hope the authors continue the creative path for this diet. We have our son on this diet for ASD and GI tract problems. The latest curveball is his diet has to be rotated due to food allergies. I would love to see these gals do more with other nut flours and eggless dishes, because I'm sure it would be creative.
– Mrs. Ed (posted on

Once again these authors have created a beautiful and very useful cooking reference for the SCD. The recipes in this cookbook are both delicious and very do-able. I would highly recommend this cookbook to anyone following the SCD, along with their first cookbook.
– posted on

Love, love, love the work these girls do in bringing such delectable recipes to the world of the SCD Diet. Bless you for your heroic efforts and beautiful cookbooks.
– posted on

I'd been feeling so burnt out cooking the same things over and over, this book helped me get over the hurdle and become excited to cook again. It's a beautifully illustrated book, very simple recipes to follow, easy to find ingredients and great little introductions to each recipe. My breakfast staple has already become the pancakes, I keep a batch of ready to pour batter in the refrigerator every week and eat it for breakfast and for a snack. I also made the pizza crust and it was so YUMMY! I was so excited to eat pizza again my taste buds were overflowing. I plan to try the carrot fritters and squash shepherd's pie in the near future. Thanks Jodi and Jenny!
– W. Wiswell (posted on

I borrowed your books from the library and now I have bought them. My 5 year old son insisted that the Strawberry Shortcake had wheat! My husband, who's often leary of experimental cooking, pointed at your cookbooks and said, "I like these recipes! You can keep trying them out on me!" Also, your pizza crust is so delicious. Now I won't feel deprived on our weekly family pizza night. It's the first recipe I tried. I saw the picture on the cover when I picked it up at the library and had it open to the recipe before I reached my vehicle in the parking lot (not an easy task while holding a 3 year old's hand!). Tonight I am trying Tacos I am sure they'll be delicious too and I can't wait to try the lasagna. Thanks for sharing your amazing recipes!
– Diane

In your new book that is out I made the waffles in a Belgian waffle maker. They turned out great! I have noticed that they puff up just fine with out using baking soda. I have also noticed that they are really nice and good texture with the almond flour... My husband likes it better without the honey and vanilla, yours seems like a dessert. Either way it is delish! I did make the cashew cookies and that was a nice change. I added honey, next time I will not add honey and see how it is without as you said in the book. Was going to make the red lentil soup as that sounded good too! Thanks for your ideas and recipes!
– Jody

I just got this new book and it is my first recipe book for the SCD. I love it and cannot wait to start cooking all these delicious recipes and they are all so simple. I liked the book so much I just ordered their first book because I want to try those recipes too. I highly recommend it because it has great new ideas that will make your dinner with friends great and easy because they can eat your special food too and not think its too simple. Also when you have been on the diet for a while it is hard to always eat the same things and you want to try new things that resemble the old ones you could eat before being on SCD! There is many recipes with crepes and you can make your own wraps which are delicious. This book has a lot of different ideas that will make you enjoy eating and also have a variety of new flavors. I highly recommend this book. It is extremely well written it explains every recipe so well anyone could do it! Great job to the writers.
– Stephanie (posted on

If you already own the first book, Grain-Free Gourmet, you will still be happy with this second book. There is further info about the SCD and about fats. There are the standard recipes, like for yogurt, sauces, and jams. Then there are recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. These are recipes normal people can prepare and will enjoy. There are tips on how to cook the basics like baked cauliflower or steamed veggies. There are also menu guides. I have been on this diet for four weeks and am especially looking forward to trying out the recipes for Caramel Fondue, Glazed Pound Cake, and Peanut Butter Caramel Crisps, among others! There are plenty of healthy and delicious recipes in this book — I am really happy I took a gamble and ordered this book without first getting to look through it. I think that anybody who is on the SCD or even someone who is just trying to reduce their grain intake will be very satisfied with the content of this book.
– S.R. Macdonald (posted on

I was diagnosed with Celiac a few years ago and I love your cookbooks. I bought your first cookbook for my mother, who also is Celiac and told my friend who has had IBS for years about the cookbook and she loves it too! I just had the tuna melt from your newest cookbook for lunch today and it was yummy — sometimes deciding what to eat is really the bane of my existence, so thanks for all the great ideas. I have to hide my meals from my kids because they will smell my food and say, "Yum, that smells good...can I have some?" and of course I will have only made enough for me!
– Karrie

I just purchased your recipe book and made the sand cookies last night. We all loved them.
– Helene

After a failed gluten-free/casein-free campaign, we started our 11-year-old son on the SCD in late February. I joined him on the diet, in solidarity, two months later. Although I have no food sensitivities that I am aware of, I noticed that a month into the diet, my energy increased and my mind became clearer. Your book has made a huge difference in the quality of the meals we are both eating. Several of the main dishes are being enjoyed by our whole family, which means less cooking!
– Cathy

I bought Grain-Free Gourmet just a couple of weeks back, and have been so delighted with the recipes I've tried so far. I can't wait for their next book to be published.
– Meleah

I just want to thank you for creating such an outstanding cookbook! I had been stuck in a rut with my SCD recipes and this gave me new delicious recipes to try. My husband who is supportive of my diet, has been raving about the meals that I have made using your recipes. It has given me renewed motivation to try a variety of recipes. In addition, the layout of the book is beautiful. I found the photographs of the food especially motivational as they made me salivate just looking at them, and made me question if this could possibly be SCD legal (they look too good :-). This is the most professionally looking SCD recipe book that I have seen, I am very impressed. Plus I can't wait till you release your second book :-). Thanks so much.
– Caryn

My daughter and I are both on the SCD. Your book has been a godsend! We have tried many recipes and they have all been delicious — even my husband who isn't strictly SCD loves a few of your dishes.
– Alicia

I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. This means that my diet has had to change dramatically. This book is filled with recipes I can digest easily, but more than that ones that I have thoroughly enjoyed.
– Anna (posted on

This is a great cookbook for those of us who are gluten intolerant. I am really enjoying the recipes.
– Francine (posted on

I love this book. It has hundreds of recipes that are good for anyone unable to eat grains. The recipes are good and most are not hard to make.
– Miriam (posted on

Seldom does one find a new idea in a cookbook. I am fascinated by grain free cooking. Recently I decided to give up wheat and gluten. Making bread the right texture is difficult and I still miss a piece of crusty french bread! Converting old recipes using bread crumbs and flour roux, or making a basic cake became frustrating. This book took me in a whole new direction. Almond flour. I imagined a time before when the wheat ran out, and crafty women used whatever they had to make a meal. The recipes are delicious, they can be tweaked for personal taste, the book layout and pictures are helpful, and the concept has opened my epicurean horizons. There is a whole world of alternate flours and thickeners out there, and this book is very helpful. Each healthfood store I went to had almond meal (and flax meal!) unrefrigerated, just sitting on the shelf, which bothered me because I know nut fat is unstable. I ended up ordering it on line from a small manufacturer, who guaranteed freshness for six months, and I keep it refrigerated. Recently, I found a muffin recipe in an English healthy living techniques type book that grinds the nuts (food processor) with a little flour (to keep it from becoming nut butter), so I'm gong to wing it from here on in using whole almonds. It's become a small adventure in cooking!
– Mildred (posted on

After finding out I was grain intolerant, I was in such a food funk. This book, with its recipes for muffins, dinners and other desserts has been a lifesaver. Using almond flour for most of the recipes instead of flour is very tasty and good for you too. I love this cookbook.
– Cinderella (posted on

I found this book as a Low Carber looking for almond "flour" recipes. Even though the book wasn't designed for low carbers, I found the recipes cross over very well and those that don't will with just a few simple substitutions. I am so happy I ordered it. So far, I have made Classic burgers: with extra lean beef and we can't stop eating them, very moist and lots of flavor, The tacos: Clean and light, not laden with heavy spices. Cranberry muffins: for low carb... I just replace the honey with dark agave nectar and wow are they one will ever miss the flour. I can't wait to try the souffle bread, the soups, the decadent onion biscuits, the gourmet pizza...etc. Jody and Jenny also shine with their creative use of vegetables as stand-ins for pasta and potatoes. Those of us who love to cook know that many of the cookbooks we buy are often thumbed through and left on the shelf, this will not be one of those. The recipes are easy to make with most of the ingredients easily located in your local grocery store. Good info and ingredient substitution ideas for those following the "SCD" (Specific Carb Diet). The photos are gorgeous and as a designer myself, I have to say the book has a fresh look and is layed out beautifully. Being on a special diet doesn't have to be something to dread and with these recipes, it's definitely not boring. I would recommend this book to anyone. Hope there is another book coming. rock!
– Amy (posted on

I want to thank you for your amazing cookbook. It has changed my life. Not only can I eat delicious foods, but the change in my diet has been seemless... I was just diagnosed with Crohn's disease in December. It has been a very difficult period as the doctors were uncertain as to what was my condition. Once the diagnosis was confirmed, I found a great nutritionist who immediately recommended the breaking the vicious cycle diet. Thanks to your cookbook and the recipes provided in the BVC book, the dietary transition has not be too onerous and I am feeling much better.
– Kelly

That Apple Gallette recipe is a big hit with my family and friends! I can't get enough of it.
– Luisa

You ladies have displayed the dishes in a lovely & pleasing manner, at first I thought, there's no way I can eat any of these, but Hallelujah! I can and have, I made the lemon pie and was full of wonder at the results, the Apple Pancakes are a regular for me and the Sesame~Dijon Crackers, well I can't live without them. The first time I made them, I went borrowing from friends, to see if they had any almost empty paper towel rolls, I returned home grinning and made my first of many batches. The Apple Harvest Stew is a hit with all and any who taste it. I've been on the SCD for 15 yrs now, so your book came just in time. When I read your directions, I almost feel like I'm in your kitchen with you, your humor and candor is refreshing, and ever so helpful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
– Pamela

Re: Grain-Free Gourmet Cookbook. Rob and I have tried a few recipes from it and they are all delicious! The Marinated Cold Shrimp (appetizer or snack), Apple Pancakes — unbelievable that it actually tastes like a pancake or waffle, Souffle Bread (Cinnamon) — amazing, the first time I’ve had French Toast in 5 years of being on this diet, Sweet & Sour Chicken Wings, Zucchini Crusted Quiche Lorraine — served with some sliced SCD okay ham and a green salad on the side for a great lunch or light dinner.
– Roseanne

This book has been wonderful for the SCD diet. The food is a treat. Each recipe that I have tried has been delicious (I've only had the book a week or two). Thank you to the authors! What a wonderful contribution.
– posted on

I am just loving your gourmet SCD cookbook. I love all the muffin recipes and cook them all the time. I just made the apple pancakes and love them. It has been so encouraging to stay on the diet with food that tastes and looks so good. My boyfriend (who doesn't "need" the diet) also just loves the food I am cooking — especially the muffins... I hope someday you come up with a Gourmet 2 cookbook. Thank you again so much for your cookbook... I appreciated the cooking tips and the information you included in the book as well. It is more than just a cookbook.
– Susan

I bought this book to get more recipes for my adult daughter who has Crohn's. The recipes turned out to be more gourmet than just legal for the SCD diet she is on (which is a life saver). The book gives her recipes she can serve to others as a special treat. The tacos are the best!
– posted on

Not only did I enjoy the sweet and sour chicken wings, but my daughter (six) and husband (older:-) did as well! What I like about the diet is that my family can eat everything too.
– Shelley

The book was worth every dollar I spent on it and I haven't even made anything from it yet. I am so excited about getting into it. Thank you so much for just even deciding to do the book. I love it already. The food looks delicious and I can't wait.
– Charlene

I absolutely love your cookbook. I've tried pretty much every recipe. Will you be coming out with another cookbook in the near future?
– Livia

Congratualtions, the book is beautifully laid out, easy to understand and most attractive. And I am very impressed with your efforts, in particular the bread recipes. I am very wheat intolerant and have to limit my other grain intake. Buying bread that doesn't taste like sawdust has been a challenge so learning about almond flour is interesting.
– Yvonne

I just started the SCD last weekend after ending up in the hospital for complications from my ulcerative colitis (which I’ve had seven years). Needless to say it was an eye-opening experience! So I decided to completely change my diet and lifestyle (as opposed to going on one more drug for life) and try SCD cooking. I purchased your cookbook and have made eight recipes in three days, and every one of them has been phenomenal. The white bean chicken chili, spaghetti squash and sauce, apple muffins and pancakes…even the sunflower bars were a HUGE hit when I brought them to work (people were amazed something so “natural” could taste so good!). So thank you for publishing this cookbook—it is much easier to read and follow than the recipes in BTVC, and you explain everything so clearly. It makes doing this dietary change (which is no small feat) so much easier. I haven’t eaten this healthy in years! My only plea…to write another cookbook! I’m sure you have more good ideas, and you have a built in audience! Thanks again for your book—it truly has been a lifesaver.
– Erin

Just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your recipe book. Fantastic recipes, including things I've been trying to find for years. I'd never been able to find a way to make strawberry jam that tasted good with honey. Bravo for you for figuring out that adding lemon toned the honey taste down. I now have a freezer full of strawberry jam and I'm happy as a clam! So when is your next book out??? I hope soon.
– Ginger

I've had your book since the minute it became available, and I have tried many recipes very successfully (and I am a beginning cook!). I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did in creating and publishing these recipes... Thanks again for all you’ve done to make SCD easier and more accessible.
– Julie

I just wanted to say thank you for your research and this book. Though I do not have as many of the digestion problems many are battling with, this book has helped me a great deal. I love to cook and also live an all-natural, organic lifestyle, so not only has this helped me think of baking in a different way, it also accommodates my lifestyle (unlike a lot of other books for gluten and lactose intolerance as refined sugar and grains are substitutes). Thank you for all your hard work — it has been a true blessing for me.
– Brittany

I've been cooking one kind of stew for years. I thought it was time for a change and your Rainbow Stew got the nod. So long old stew! Rainbow stew is so easy and delicious. Thanks for getting me out of my rut.
– Hal

...the cook book you put out is awesome. I have never made jam that thickens up so I generally just don’t have any. Putting the cranberries in it for more pectin really works — by far the thickest jam I’ve made without commercial pectin! All the recipes, though, are wonderful and different from what’s already out there so it was a most welcome addition.
– Tara

I received your wonderful cookbook as a Christmas gift, along with a bag of almond flour. I have already made six of your recipes and am very pleased with all of them. I really appreciate gluten-free, low-sugar recipes as I am on a celiac diet and am supposed to keep my sugar low also, and I also avoid refined foods.
– Jennifer

I just wanted to write to tell you how wonderful and fun and easy your recipie book is!!! It seems to be sitting more on our coffee table than with the row of books in the kitchen as it's fun to read and it feels more like you and Jodi are the next door neighbours having a chat about the recipie rather that a dry, technical, standard recipe book. We've made many things from the book. I meant to write to you a few days ago, but after flipping thru the book, I decided to take my 15 minutes of spare time (terrible, I know) to make the cappucino ice cream first. It's amazing!!! I don't have an ice cream maker, but it comes out like an italian dessert called "semi-freddo" where we make a frozen dessert, it turns into a brick really, then we pull fork tines over the top and it breaks it up nicely and the bits melt like ice cream. I did the fork trick and my hubbie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A few weeks ago, I'm again reading your book, and decide to make the taco shells to see how they turn out. SO, I put two dining room chairs together, set the broomstick between them, wrap the handle in paper this point, my hubbie who's watching all this asks what the heck I'm doing. I tell him — he laughs, but keeps an eye on my activity. The cheese goes in the oven, timer rings, pop the cheese on the broomstick and voila!!! Taco shells!!! We ate the sample two that I tried then and there. Next day, I go off to work, and at the end of that day, when discussing by phone what to make for dinner, GUESS what he said? Yep, TACOS with those cheese shells!!!! We're fans!!!
– Christina

By the way, made the cheesecake last week. It was excellent. We loved it.
– Jill

THANK YOU!! I obtained your cookbook from Lucy's kitchen and my husband and I are thrilled with the high quality of these very tasty recipes. It's hard to describe what a gift this is. For so many years I have struggled on limited diets to deal with various gut problems. Now I look forward to eating — I know what to eat, feel satiated, and have been able to give up a lifelong and unhealthy chocolate addiction!! ... I hope you come out with another book some time!! I appreciate the good information in the beginning of the book as well. My husband has been a difficult fellow to please, foodwise and he loves this food, so we are a happier couple!!
– Eileen

I want to say how great your cookbook is. My brother and roommate both have Crohn's and I have been sending them care packages. They loved the peanut butter cookies. We are getting together for Christmas and will be making many items from your book. Thank you again.
– Carolyn

I bought your cookbook at Indigo/Chapters...great gluten-free recipes. Thank you. Celiac and diabetes is a horrible combination.
– Heather

Received the book today, had pizza for supper tonight. Yahoo and hallelujah!
– Garth

I have the pleasure to have a copy of your cookbook Grain-Free Gourmet (from Barnes and Noble). I have tried out the World's Best Meat Sauce, and indeed it is!
– Paulina

This is absolutely the best cookbook I ever had. I have been on SCD for one year and I have a husband and four children. For the last two weeks I have been making recipes from your book and EVERYONE LOVES ALL of the recipes. They are delicious and easy to prepare. I now can make one meal per night and know that they are healthy and delicious and everyone is happy. Thank you for making my life so much easier.
– Deborah (posted on

We've been working our way through your recipes in Grain-Free Gourmet. Everything has been delicious. My husband ate six tacos on those cheese shells (very clever invention). I've not seen him that enthusiastic about food since I started this diet five-and-a-half months ago. I made the spaghetti squash "spaghetti" and world's best meat sauce for tonight — it's wonderful. I've also made the cappuccino ice cream and enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your creativity in a book with easy instructions and photos of what things are suppose to look like.
– Jill

What a fabulous cook book. I can't wait to start making the dishes. I have always questioned how long food will keep and tend to be a little over-cautious about it so that addition to the book was an ingenious idea. I also found it very educational the way you presented each product and their health benefits. Great idea. The book is well worth every cent. Thank you for all your hard work and allowing us with our intestinal issues to be excited about food.
– Shannon

This book is really a must for anyone doing SCD and it's the perfect and needed companion for Breaking the Vicious Cycle.
– Carol

I looked through the book, and I'm so impressed with the recipes and information. It's a fabulous book! ... I recently baked your butter-pecan cookies and re-baked them to get them crunchy. My family and friends went wild over them. They all claimed that I must've put in wheat flour and sugar since they taste so "normal."
– Esther

I'd like to congratulate Jodi Bager and Jenny Lass for a job WELL done! Your cookbook is fabulous! The recipes are fantastic and delicious! I am so excited with it! The instructions are so clear and easy to follow! Thank you for helping us with SCD!
– posted on

Got the book Grain-Free Gourmet and tried the hamburger and candy. Recipes are great and information really helpful. So creative these ladies.
– posted on

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